Milestones to the Kingdom


Milestones Snippets are e-mailed out roughly 3 times a week with around 8 pages of news per issue. They consist of topical items from around the world. The contents of each issue is indexed with clickable links to the article. Each item is subject coded and periodically a cumulative index of all the articles since the start of the year is e-mailed.

To order Milestones Snippets, please use the icons below.

Title your message as ‘Milestones Snippets Request’ and state if you would prefer word .doc or .pdf format otherwise I will send some files in both formats so you can work out which is best. It’s that easy!

Can you let me have your name, country and, if applicable, ecclesia. The email will automatically give me your e-mail, but if requesting for others I need their details and e-mail addresses.

Bro Don Pearce

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