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This 42nd edition of Milestones is written at a crucial time for Britain, as “negotiations” have resulted in an alarming deal, which looks set to tie Britain to the EU with no way out, unless agreed by the EU! We know from God’s Word that Britain has a latter-day role to play outside the EU. For Bible watchers, the progress since the referendum in 2016 as to whether Britain should leave the EU or remain has been tortuous. It has been a great test of faith. At the year-end preparations are at last being made for a “hard” Brexit which would break Britain away from the EU at the end of March 2019.

Milestones 2017 was based upon a series of six talks on Latter-day Bible prophecies and enabled the laying of a fairly wide-ranging basis for our historical understanding of the events leading to the setting up of God’s Kingdom. There will therefore, be many references back to that issue for deeper scriptural analysis.

The structure of this year’s Milestones

Chapter 2 is a look at the events of 35 years ago as recorded in Milestones 1983. Why 35 years? This looking-back started in Milestones 2012 and went back to the first issue, 35 years previously.

Chapter 3 looks at prophecies concerning the Kingdom of Men vs. the Kingdom of God.

Chapters 4 and 5 look at Israel and the situation in the Middle East.

Chapter 6 looks at Russia’s expanding footprint.

Chapter 7 Looks at prophecies concerning what we should be looking for as the Feet of Nebuchadnezzar’s Image form.

Chapter 8 looks at the growing divide between the US and Europe.

Chapters 9 and 10 look at the growth of the two feet.

Chapter 11 looks at matters religious.

Chapters 12 and 13 look at Britain’s Brexit and her future role in the ME.

Chapter 14 is an exhortation for the ecclesias in these last days, facing the undermining of our historical understanding of Biblical Inspiration.

The angels are busy behind the scenes working under Christ’s direction to lead the nations to their pre-appointed positions on the world’s stage. We can but marvel at the greatness of our God, who has all things under His ultimate control. Things will work out exactly as the prophets have indicated. May Milestones be a faith-boosting help.



A Review of the World Events of 2018 in the light of Bible Prophecy

Don Pearce


It is always exciting in the early part of January, to hear that the manuscript for “Milestones” has again faithfully arrived.

And what a wonderful summary it is of the main events of year 2018, as they bear upon our expectations from the words of the prophets who spoke and wrote so long ago. We are such a blessed people to “know the joyful sound”. Our generation is full of “hearts failing them for fear” but we are able to “lift up our heads for our redemption draws nigh”. The signs are all there and growing year by year, day by day so that we know our Lord will soon be on earth again. The nations crave for solutions to huge problems that are spreading and deepening. Areas of the world that were rarely heard of, are now breaking into the news and showering their troubles or demands throughout their region and beyond. Russia and China are bursting with expansionist desires. There is hardly a week when there is not new evidence of China’s growing influence in the islets of the South China Sea or north on the small islands near Japan, building harbours and bases in the Philippines and other Pacific islands, even purchasing ports in Australia.

Russia’s interests are more focused! Review the map on p38, where all of Russia’s more recent navy and air bases are indicated. From the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, in Syria, Cyprus, Libya, Sudan, Eritrea, the tentacles of Russia’s interest are showing up in exactly those regions which the prophets of Israel designated she would descend upon in the latter days (Ezek 38:15-18). She’s got a friend, Iran, who is the arch enemy of Israel, and she’s developing a blue-water navy to patrol the Persian Gulf and the coasts of Arabia and into the Red Sea. Even in the inland Black Sea and Caspian Sea, Russia is organising navy exercises with Iran and selling sophisticated missiles to this wildly anti-Israel nation.

These are big patterns of change that spur other secondary nations to do the same. So Poland and other EU members are speaking of great new navy vessels. For 50 years the United States had acted as a world policeman, sailing great navies that have been the unspoken guardian of many nations, as Britain did before her. Many countries have been thankful for this security, but the anxiety now is that we have powerful fleets that would not hesitate to steal the lands they “guard”. Pages 40-43 of this ‘Milestones’ analyses the continuing expansion of Russia into the land of Ukraine and the waters of the Black Sea. “Many ships” the prophet Daniel mentioned and their facilities are being built before our eyes.

Borders don’t prevent Russia: she’s proved that several times in the last ten years. Putin is driven with the vision of a greater Russia, greater even than Peter the Great imagined, the most revered of all their Czars. Mr Putin already has more than twice the land area of any other country; but he’s not wanting the dark unknown expanse of the pine trees of Siberia, he seeks the warm and famous country of the Promised Land, “the glory of all lands” (Ezek 20:15) and where the king of the north, will “establish his palatial residence” in “the glorious holy mountain” (Dan 11:45), just as it has been written of him. There is no other city that is so revered, even today! Russians have been craving for this place for centuries. In the early years of the 19th century the Russians built a huge monastery on the Mount of Olives with a five-storey tower that is still the highest point in Jerusalem. The Russian Church built grand churches at the base of the mount and also in the immediate north of the city the Russian Orthodox church has built some prestigious ecclesiastical buildings. Armenia is a small neighbour on the south of Russia and they hold the title deeds of the Christian quarter of Jerusalem, an entitlement that goes back hundreds of years. When the Crusaders evicted the Muslims from Jerusalem, they founded the “Kingdom of Jerusalem” and King Baldwin as its head. This strange chapter in Jerusalem’s history only lasted for 89 years, when it was retaken by the Muslims, but the cost and loss of lives shows the fanaticism that the Roman Catholic and Orthodox followers put into the possession of Jerusalem.

Surely Putin, so often in league with his Russian Orthodox Patriarchs, is well aware of all this. We wonder if he has been told of the prophet’s last comment, “he shall come to his end, and none shall help him” (Dan. 11:45).

The planned exit of Britain from the European Union must bring great pleasure to the Russian leader. Only Britain could really foil Russia’s designs upon Europe. And if, as being hastily planned, the EU focuses upon the development of its own independent army, where then is NATO? That makes Europe an easy prey for Russia. The EU would be on their knees asking for Russian oil and gas to fuel their economies.

These last chapters in Milestones are exceedingly interesting. Europe has played her cards very strategically and forced the United Kingdom into a divorce from Northern Ireland. That reality makes Brexit very “hard” indeed for the UK. Catholic Europe is dealing out a tough lesson to wavering Britain and a warning to all the other twenty-seven members of the EU.

Perhaps that is exactly what the Creator has in mind. Britain signed up in 1972 to the EU at the risk of her Protestant background and despite her Commonwealth family. This present pain has caused sore embarrassment; yet it may give her stronger resolve in departing from the EU.

It is quite priceless to read the poignant comments of Queen Elizabeth; there seems to be no doubt where she stands!!

Another phase is coming and appears to be exactly in accord with the Father’s early word of prophecy.

We are a blessed people.

Brian Luke, Secretary

January 2019[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]CONTENTS


Ch. 1: THIS YEAR’S MILESTONES……………………………………………. 9

Ch. 2: FROM EARLY MILESTONES—1983…………………………………. 10

Milestones 1983 Chapters 1 and 2 10

Milestones 1983 Ch 3: Russia and the Vatican: Poland the crucible. 10

Milestones 1983 Ch 4: America and the Soviet 11

Milestones 1983 Ch 5: The Near East and the Middle East 12

Milestones 1983 Ch 6: An unhappy year for Israel 12

Milestones 1983 Ch 7: Is Britain moving back to traditional values? 12


Nimrod’s Kingdom of Babel 13

Four kings vs. five kings 14

The Dragon of Egypt 15

Babylon the Great 17

The Little Horn of Daniel 7 18

The Little Horn of the Goat, Daniel 8 19

Trodden under foot for 2,300 days 20

The sanctuary shall be justified 21

Daniel 11: The King of the North and the King of the South. 22

Ch 4: ISRAEL’S FRIENDS AND FOES………………………………………..23

United Nations Human Rights Council 23

Israel-Arab ties warm up after long deep freeze 26

The Guardian of the Gulf 28

They be replenished from the East 28

Israel, Hamas Approaching Point of no Return on Path to War 30

UN rejects US resolution condemning Hamas 31

Israel strikes into Syria again and again 31

‘Operation Northern Shield’ 33

Ch 5: AMAZING ISRAEL………………………………………………………. 34

Israel’s energy resources 34

Israel, Cyprus, Greece & Italy Agree On $7b. Gas Pipeline to Europe 34

Israel 8th Strongest Nation 35

Arrow, David’s Sling, Iron Dome, Iron Beam 36

Netanyahu calls a General Election 37


Kaliningrad and Belarus 38

Belarus 39

Ukraine 39

Crimea 40

Turkey 42

Syria 43

Georgia and Armenia 44

Egypt 44

Libya 45

Red Sea 45


The Feet stage of the Image 46

The iron 47

The clay and the frog-like spirits 48

70th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights 50

The Russian Dragon champions Human Rights 51

The EU Beast champions Human Rights 52

The False Prophet champions Human Rights 52

Anti-Semitism on the rise 53


Angela Merkel: EU cannot completely rely on US and Britain any more 55

The growing rift 56

Relations between the US and EU have gone from bad to worse 57

Here’s How Europe Plans to Challenge the Dollar’s Dominance 58

EU Looking to Sidestep U.S. Sanctions with Payments System Plan 58

US-Russia rift 58


The Russian Foot 60

Putin often points to “Christianisation” as the roots of the country 60

Russia’s New Military Cathedral will Train War Priests 61


Preparations for the European Foot 62

Further steps towards its own army 62

Why they need a European Defence Fund 63

Juncker’s last State of the Union speech 63

Macron wants ‘Euro army’ to combat China, Russia and US 66

Merkel and Macron make eurozone budget breakthrough 67

Angela Merkel: ‘In This Day, States Must Be Ready to Give Up Sovereignty’ 68

A crown awaiting a Head 68

Merkel’s difficult year 71

No-deal Brexit risks rude economic shock for Germany and fragile eurozone 72

The rest of Europe weak 72

Things don’t change 72


The Catholic Church’s Biggest Crisis Since the Reformation 73

Francis travels the world 74

Breaking away of Ukraine Church creates huge split 74

Pope Francis decrees new celebration dedicated to the Virgin Mary 76

Germany’s Catholic Church counts its many financial blessings 76

President Macron’s warm meeting with the Pope 77

Russian Church ready to begin dialogue on return of monarchy 78


Britain’s future role 79

Britain in the Roman Empire 82

Britain re-joins the Roman World 82

Making sense of a confusing year 83

How important is the two-way trade? 83

‘Ireland the price to pay for Brexit’ claims former minister 84

Mrs May’s Agreement with the EU 85

This muddy soupy kind of drama 87

Which way forward? 87

Brexit worse danger for the EU 88


The EU’s no-deal preparations make it clear: they want to make Britain suffer 90

The Commonwealth and Queen Elizabeth’s Speech 92

12 big wins from leaving in March on WTO terms 92

Britain’s diplomatic influence 93

New relations with Israel 94

Britain and the Middle East 94

Britain and Saudi Arabia 95

Britain and Oman 96

Her young lions in the Middle East 97


The voice of God 99

Examples 100

Take heed 100

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Abbreviations used

EU European Union. Was the Common Market, EEC, then EC, now EU.

m = million; bn = billion; GDP = Gross Domestic Product;

$1= £0.79; €0.88; AS$1.43; CA$1.36; NZ$1.50 at 02-Jan-19 rates.

$1 million = £791,000, $l billion = £791,000,000 approx. $ always US$.

Author’s important notes

I would like to especially thank my family and Bre. Alan Clarke, Stephen Whitehouse and Kevin Allison and the CSSS for their helpful comments on the draft and Bro Matt Davies for writing the closing exhortation. It is all put together in last few weeks at the end of the year, so please bear with its imperfections! Milestones quotes extensively from overseas sources, and as I retain original spellings, etc., check whether it is a quote before blaming my excellent proof-readers!

Conventional religious terminology is used, sometimes put within “ ”, but often not. Readers will appreciate my understanding on the falseness of many of these terms. Conventional names are used: e.g. West Bank, Palestinians, Pope. Dates are always day-month-year. Any items in bold are my emphasis, i.e. not emboldened in the original, unless stated. Very grateful for items sent in; please ensure date and source are indicated.

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Our main sections for 2018:

  • The Kingdom of Men vs. The Kingdom of God
  • Amazing Israel and her friends and foes
  • Russia’s expansionary footsteps
  • The growing divide: US vs.

Europe and Russia

  • The forming of the Feet of

Nebuchadnezzar’s Image

  • Turmoil in Babylon the Great
  • Brexit: making scriptural sense

of the painful divorce and the

future freedom

Connecting events of 2018 with the fulfilment of scripture. With a sobering exhortation: “Are we listening to the Voice of God?” as a counter to humanistic thinking.

Milestones 2018 shows us the closeness of the Lord’s return!

Let us wake up and watch lest we fall asleep!

Milestones 2018 is an antidote to apathy in these difficult times for Christ’s brothers and sisters.