Milestones to the Kingdom

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Creation DVDs are a valuable resource for countering the constant evolutionary bombardment our children receive.

Ape-Men The Grand Illusion D-AM Check This Ou D-CO Created Cosmos D-CRC  Creation Proclaims VOL1 D-CP1  Creation Proclaims VOL2 D-CP2  Creation Proclaims VOL2 D-CP3   Genetics, Evolution and Creationng D-GE  God of Wonder D-GW the fossil record D-FR Wonders of the Cell - D-WC

Noah’s Flood D-NF  From Evolution to Creation D-EC Formed to Fly D-FF  Life’s Story & Life’s Story 2 D-LS2 Creation Astronomy D-CA  Mount St Helens D-MH The Intricacies of Flight D-IF Deep Time Evolution. D-DTA     The New Answers DVD’s D-NA2 The New Answers DVD’s D-NA3 Apologetics 101 D-A1 Apologetics 201 D-A2 Genesis, Babel D-GB Ultimate Proof of Creation D-UP  Evolution and Logical Fallacies. D-ELFUnlocking the Mystery of Life D-ML Set in Stone—Evidence for Earth’s Catastrophic Past D-SS Metamorphosis—the beauty and design of butterflies D-MET The Case for a Creator D-CC The Privilaged Planet D-PP Flight—the genius of birds D-FGB   Crisis in the Middle East – Bible Expectations CMEEvolution’s Achilles’ Heels D-EAH Science Confirms the Bible D-SCB Kids most asked Questions about Science & the Bible D-KQ Modern Medicine and Ancient D-MM Code of Life. DNA. Information D-COL  Solar System D-AT2 What you aren’t being told about Astronomy Vol 1 D-AT1

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